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Active Workplace: STFT - BoxFit

7 Places Remaining

Capacity: 14

Date: 22nd January 2019 - 26th February 2019 • 05:30pm - 06:30pm

Price: £24.00

This course has been arranged by the Active Workplace programme in order to provide employees of South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust with the opportunity to practice BoxFit.

What will I learn?
BoxFit is a low impact, high-energy workout that incorporates pad work, weight training, conditioning and circuit trainng with an emphasis on boxing.

When does the course take place?
The course will run for 6 weeks from Tuesday 22 January - Tuesday 26 February 2019.

How much experience should I have?
The course caters for people of all abilities. The nature of the course means you can work at your own pace.

Additional information:
Payment is secure when booking online.
Athletic attire and comfortable footwear are essential for this course.

I would like some more information:
That's great, we'd love to hear from you. If you have any queries or would like some additional information, please contact


Indoor gym,
South Tyneside District Hospital,
Harton Lane,
NE34 0PL