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Coach the person in front of you: Workshop Booking

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Capacity: 25

Date: 20th March 2019 • 06:00pm - 09:00pm

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Coaching is all about people. This newly-launched workshop from UK Coaching will give you a deeper awareness of why great people skills are an intrinsic part of being an effective coach. Ultimately, the more coaches understand and connect with people they coach – by observing, noticing and communicating – the more they will be able to support them and help them thrive.

You will learn

  • how to develop and model a person-centred philosophy and hone your soft skills to enable you to have the greatest possible impact with your participants.
  • strategies and tactics to help you identify a person’s individual needs, motivations and goals using the understand + connect = thrive framework.
  • to become an expert in people so that whatever your objective, you can provide the most engaging experiences for your participants.
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Sjovoll Centre,
Front Street,
Pity Me,