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Bikeability Training: Level 3 Bikeability Training

6 Places Remaining

Capacity: 6

Date: 31st May 2022 • 01:00pm - 04:00pm

Price: £0.00

Level 3 is designed to equip you with the skills needed to stay safe in more challenging urban situations. Children can be ready for Level 3 from 11 years old, once they have completed previous levels, however, Level 3 can be delivered to any age above 11 years old.

Bikeability Level 3 is taught in smaller groups or one-to-one so every course is tailored to a riders’ needs. It might focus on a skill you might want to practice more, or a tricky roads where you travel often. Whether you’re planning to cycle to school, ride alone to a club or explore with your family, Level 3 is the answer. It will set you up for a life of freedom on wheels!

You will learn more advanced skills, including how to: Use the best riding position for any situation. Ride alongside other cyclists. Ride on more complex roads. This might include busier roads, more complicated junctions or faster roads with speed limits above 30mph. Negotiate more complex roads. For example, junctions controlled by traffic lights, multi-lane roads or cycle lanes. Respond confidently when a situation changes. For example, when a vehicle pulls out in front of you.

Prior to attending the training, it is a requirement that you complete the following short survey -



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