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Bikeability Training: Level 1 & Level 2 Bikeability Training

12 Places Remaining

Capacity: 12

Date: 15th August 2022 • 01:00pm - 04:00pm

Price: £0.00

Level 1 is an exciting gateway to starting your cycling adventure. Most children take part in Level 1 at school during Year 3 or 4, this is when they are between 7 and 9 years old, however, Level 1 can be delivered to any age.
Bikeability Level 1 teaches you; Maintain your cycle: make sure your ride is in tip-top condition and make simple repairs. Glide: smooth, calm and collected. Control your bike: including setting off, cruising, slowing down, braking and stopping. You’ll even learn to pedal one handed! Pedal: without feeling wobbly or out of control. Be aware of your surroundings: looking behind and turning around obstacles.

Level 2 teaches participants how to grow more confident with each turn of the pedal. Our expert instructors will lead riders onto quiet roads, to experience “real” cycling.
Most children take part in Level 2 at school during Year 5 or 6, however, Level 2 can be delivered to any age.
Bikeability Level 2 teaches participants; how to stop and start with more confidence; how to pass stationary vehicles parked on a road; understanding the road, signals, signs, and road markings; negotiating the road, including quiet junctions, crossroads and roundabouts & sharing the road with other vehicles.

Prior to attending the training, it is a requirement that you complete the following short survey -



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